FINALLY found some great chunky white sandals for summer a few while ago online. Got them delivered last week and they are so comfyyyyyy

Foto op 21-05-13 om 11.55    Foto op 21-05-13 om 11.58 #2

Foto op 21-05-13 om 12.12

Foto op 21-05-13 om 12.13 #2 Foto op 21-05-13 om 12.13 #3


With customs and shipping included, these were a bit pricey for Korean fashion shoes, but I’m glad I got them.
Even though they are made of low quality materials, they look good when worn. Now just waiting for my Marques’Almeida KO’s to arrive LOL. (sorry m. marques & p. almeida i really love your designs but i’m just a poor student cry cry)

❀◕ ‿ ◕❀



I didn’t realise it’s been over 1,5 year already I stopped blogging if I don’t include some lousy attempts these past months. I keep procrastinating because I hate and like my url at the same time and it’s the same with my layout. I want it to be cute poppy and retro with my head on it and flying pupu’s floating around but I suck at html LOL




hi this is me Foto op 20-05-13 om 12.34 derp

Foto op 20-05-13 om 12.36okthnxbye


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